Commerical Controls

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Some of the features and benefits that a properly designed and integrated DDC systems can offer are:

Central monitorng and control

Alarm Management
Networked DDC systems communicate alarm conditions to central and/or remote locations. Alarm management features help operators assess the situation and, in many cases, provide the necessary actions to take before the situation is even noticed.

Alerton Trending and History Event Monitoring
Most, if not all, DDC systems provide some type of data management and analysis tools. These utilities can be used to create trends for critical or problem areas. Commonly trended data includes temperature, pressure, humidity, time and source of operator commands, and many others. Data can be recorded by second, minutes and hours a day, or even a year or more. The resulting information can then be viewed as graphs, spreadsheets or even customized user-defined reports. This data is persisted in the central monitoring system for later review and is critical to the proper tuning of a building’s DDC systems for optimal performance and efficiency.

Energy Conservation
DDC systems, being digital, are of course electronic and, thus, use electronic circuits and devices to enable their monitoring and control abilities. Technology is forever changing and better sensors for measurement and device control are constantly emerging. Compared to a pneumatic sensor, which has an accuracy of ± 2°F, typical DDC sensors are currently accurate to ±0.3°F. To put this in context, imagine if you have an air system that must cool 100,000 CFM of air. The improved accuracy of a DDC system would save over 150,000 BTUs/hr, or 46kW of energy.